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We're heading into week four of the NFL season, in a year overshadowed by abuse scandals none more prominent than ray rice, punching his bride to be in a hotel elevator.

We've brought you interviews with commissioner wholesale nfl jerseys Roger Goodell and team leaders.

This time, "CBS This Morning" co anchor Gayle King went to the field to speak with New York Giants star quarterback Eli Manning. ET on CBS, he shared his thoughts on the video that stunned people in and out of sports.

For a father with such an honest reputation, it wasn't easy for Manning to watch the Ray Rice tape.

"It was hard it was hard to watch," Manning wholesale nfl jerseys for sale said. "I couldn't imagine ever being in that situation and don't ever imagine it. And just, you know, felt for the woman in that video. And understand that you just . can't accept that.

After all of the events over the last few weeks, Manning said the problem needs to be addressed and dealt with.

"Well, I think we have to attack domestic abuse and understand that it is a problem," said Manning. "In the NFL, anything that one player does, it affects all of us."

It's important then, Manning said, to be a devoted player wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping> both on and off the field.

"I think someone who's dedicated to trying to be their best and to be the best person they can be, to be the best football player they can be. But also, when they're off the field, they're gonna conduct their selves at a high level. They're gonna be a part of the community. And they're gonna understand that everything they do outside of the game of football is gonna reflect the team and the organization."

On this Thursday night though, Manning prepares for his game wholesale nfl jerseys supply on the field. The Giants and Redskins are both 1 2 and Manning had to get in the zone.

"Well, we feel good about the way we played last week," said Manning. "You know we felt that we've gotten better each and every game."

That's his mindset.

"I think we've [just] played our best football of the wholesale nfl jerseys usa season," said Manning. "There's still things we can improve on I think that's the best thing about playing on a short week. After you play well, you kind of feel we can just continue what we did last week right away.

This season, the Giants are employing a new West Coast style offense, a term given to the old San Francisco 49ers offense engineered by then head coach Bill Walsh.

"And it's a lot of three step passing, get the ball out of your hands," explained Manning. "Everything's kind of in a triangle. And you have reads, and it's one, two, three, all kind of within a triangle."

The Manning family really is NFL royalty. For a family wholesale nfl jerseys china with two star football players, his dad Archie Manning couldn't be more proud.

The father, who enjoyed a successful NFL career himself, has said, "We tried to raise good kids and have a good family."

Manning says his dad never forced sports, or football wholesale nfl jerseys outlet, on his brother Peyton and him. It was just something they naturally grew into. They just love the game.

And despite all the TV spots he and Peyton have been in, Eli is still humble; he's still got a sense of humor.

"Well, I think you have to have fun," Manning said. "And you know, I think wholesale nfl jerseys cheap we take our sport and playing football very seriously, but sometimes you don't have to take yourself so seriously."

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